//Creative and Digital Innovation Hub, Sheffield

Published 3rd April 2018 at 11:14am

Sheffield has one of the most intense concentrations of digital enterprises in the United Kingdom with significant growth potential based on enhanced infrastructure, stronger global connectivity and improved sector leadership. This project offers an opportunity to partner with Sheffield Hallam University in the design and build of a Creative and Digital Innovation (CDI) Hub in the city, to develop a space to catalyse the rapid expansion, diversification and impact of the creative and digital sector in Sheffield City Region.

The hub will provide a focus for collaboration: engaging entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics and students in an exciting and inspiring environment. It will be a place for generating and sharing ideas, for developing creative visions and nurturing collaborations and partnerships to translate ideas into commercial success.


£50m of investment is sought. There is also opportunity to invest in a fund to support the incubation and acceleration of firms in and around the Hub, with expertise from the university supporting new business.

Why invest?

Significant returns from rental space and from investment in start-up firms through a pooled CDI Investment Angel Fund.

SCR Contact:  Rachel Clark – Director of Trade and Investment
rachel.clark@scrinvest.com  M: +44 (0)7795953522  T: 0114 220 3489

Local Authority: Sheffield City Council
Development Type: Commercial, Education
Opportunity Type: Co-location

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