Devonshire Quarter, Sheffield


Published 19 February 2020 at 11:25am

Devonshire Quarter is the largest established residential quarter in the city with a long history of family occupation. Significant opportunities for family or other non student housing now exist in the Southern part of the quarter around Milton Street where the Council has significant land ownership where further development would complement the work that has begun to transform Eye Witness works into housing.

The opportunity is flanked by suites that have started and or have planning permission. The Council will be completing a masterplan of the area and this opportunity is key to ensure that connectivity to the wider area and through to the adjoining residential areas are planned in. The Council is looking for an innovative developer and or investor with experience of family housing in a city centre context.

For further details or to discuss the potential for investment and partnership opportunities please phone +44(0)114 220 3400 or use our contact form to talk directly with our sector specialist.

Local Authority: Sheffield City Council
Planning Status: Required (one plot is approved)
Development Type: Residential (with supporting commercial uses)
Development Capacity: New high density family housing 250-350 units on council owned land with potential for up to 600 units in the overall new neighbourhood.
Opportunity Type: Investor/Developer
Target Audience: Family housing providers
Investment required: From 2020
Investment purpose: Capital Investment in residential development
Delivery Timescales: 2 to 3 years
Postcode: S1 4JU
Size (ha): 1

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You can find more information on the location on our Locate SY website.


Last Updated: 08/11/2022

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