The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID), is the UK’s largest research-led advanced manufacturing cluster and is home to high-value manufacturers and skilled software engineers pushing back the boundaries of digital manufacturing.

AMID is a built around the world-class research and innovation assets of the region’s two universities and the cluster of advanced manufacturing companies migrating to the district to be close to these assets: dynamic companies like Nikken, Metalysis, PES Performance, MetLase, Iceotope, McLaren, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Dormer, Sandvik, Atkins Global, ITM Power, and PCM.

The expanding innovation district is the place for leading manufacturers to go for research, technology transfer, step changes in productivity, performance  and quality, networking and industrial collaboration.

AMID is home to the University of Sheffield’s world-leading Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), its sister centre, the Nuclear AMRC and its award-winning apprentice Training Centre. The research and innovation cluster around the AMRC’s flagship digital manufacturing Factory 2050 is expanding with the addition of three new University of Sheffield assets specialising in infrastructure, metrology, and materials research: iCAIR, the Laboratory for Verification and Validation (LVV) and the Sir Henry Royce, Royce Translational Centre.

The AMRC research and innovation assets provide world-leading capability in machining, casting, welding, robotics and automation, digitally assisted assembly, additive manufacturing, composites, design, structural testing and training. With more than 100 partners – ranging from global giants such as Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, McLaren Automotive and BAE Systems to local SMEs and specialist suppliers – the AMRC puts the world of advanced manufacturing at the heart of AMID.


“The AMRC contains an impressive array of specialised facilities, each dedicated to providing advanced manufacturing companies in the region and beyond access to industrial expertise, cutting-edge machines and equipment, and, ultimately, solutions to complex technological challenges.” Bruce Katz – Vice President of the Brookings Institution

As key players in the UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult, the AMRC and the Nuclear AMRC act as a powerful magnet for some of the best and brightest young engineers in the world. Our more than 600 highly-qualified researchers and engineers work on bespoke projects helping drive improvements in perform ace and quality for our partners.

“I was blown away by my visit to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre –  combines creation of local jobs beautifully with robotics/AI innovation for industry. A pioneering and visionary model for the future of academic-industry collaborations.”

Professor Fei-Fei Li, Google Chief Scientist in AI and Machine Learning

Professor Keith Ridgway, Executive Dean of the AMRC, said: “Our research and innovation assets, coupled with a strong skills and talent base, are making the Sheffield City Region the go-to place for global manufacturing companies like Rolls Royce, Boeing and McLaren. All three have chosen sites alongside the AMRC to build their own factories of the future. This is transforming the Sheffield City Region into the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District of the North.

“Not only do we already have the infrastructure in place, but our city region is home to a skilled workforce with a strong heritage of manufacturing and industry. Key to this is the AMRC training centre, widely regarded as a centre of excellence in producing apprentices ready to enter careers in engineering and manufacturing.”

The AMRC Training Centre was established to prepare the next generation of world leading engineers and opened its doors in January 2014. It has since trained more than 1000 people aged from 16 Thanks to its links with both Sheffield universities, apprentices can go on to study for higher-level qualifications up to doctorate and MBA level.

In 2014 it won the Times Higher Education Outreach Award by creating a blueprint for bridging the manufacturing skills gap and promoting social mobility at the same time.

The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) is set to become the most advanced research and development centre for physical activity in the world and will act as the research hub for the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine in Sheffield.

In collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University, Toshiba, parkrun, Sheffield Children’s Hospital and others, AWRC is poised to make Sheffield City Region a centre of international excellence for health and wellbeing research. Our City Region also has one of the UK’s largest concentrations of orthopaedic and medical device companies, making us a leader in medical diagnostics.

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